Monday, April 05, 2004

Road Squadron - Ship Reference
Holy shit!!

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Restaurant will keep pictures of nudes - Thursday, 04/01/04: "Restaurant will keep pictures of nudes
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Antique photographs of bare-breasted women will soon return to the walls of The Sutler restaurant.
The photographs were removed and images of the women's breasts on the menus were blacked out with a marker this week after a Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission agent told the owner that they might be a violation of state regulations.
But after visiting the restaurant yesterday, ABC Executive Director Danielle Elks said the images on the walls and menus are not a violation after all.
''If it's just a tasteful picture of a nude, it does not violate the state statute,'' Elks said.
State regulations prohibit the display of images depicting genitals or sexual activity at licensed bars and restaurants, but most of the photographs displayed at The Sutler don't do that, she said.
One photograph, however, will be removed permanently because it shows genitals, she said.

Johnny Potts, the restaurant owner, said he plans to put the pictures back up soon. Potts said he decided to remove them immediately after the ABC agent told him they could be a violation of state regulations.

Potts and Elks said the restaurant was never threatened with closure. The agent who inspected the restaurant is new to the agency and was simply doing what she believed to be right, Elks said.

''This thing has been blown way out of proportion, and there's a lot of misinformation out there,'' she said. ''We've come to an agreement and the owner is doing his best to cooperate with us.''

Potts said he didn't know what he was going to do about his menus, which all now have black marks over the women's breasts. He said it would cost thousands of dollars to replace them.

The images date back roughly 134 years and have been on display at The Sutler for nearly 30 years, Potts said.

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Saturday, April 03, 2004

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Americans United: April 2003 P&E: "Former Christian Coalition director Ralph Reed found a lucrative career once he left TV preacher Pat Robertson's political outfit: As a consultant, Reed was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars by the Enron Corporation over a five-year period until the company collapsed, a newly released Federal Election Commission (FEC) report has indicated.
The FEC looked into Reed's relationship with Enron as part of an investigation of President George W. Bush's 2000 presidential campaign. Conservative activist Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch had asserted that Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney arranged for Enron to pay Reed while Bush used Reed as a political consultant. If true, the payments would have been a type of in-kind contribution from Enron to the Bush campaign and a possible violation of federal campaign laws.
The FEC dismissed Klayman's allegations, but in the ensuing investigation found that the ex-Christian Coalition head was paid much more by Enron than had previously been disclosed. In 1997, Reed's Atlanta-based Century Strategies received $200,000 from the failed energy corporation. In 2000, he received $75,000 from Enron and by 2001 was receiving $30,000 monthly plus expenses.
Reed supposedly received the money for providing 'ongoing advice and counsel to Enron' about electricity deregulation, although Reed has no background or special expertise in this area. The FEC also found that the terms Reed had with the company were extremely generous, permitting his consulting company to keep getting paid even if it finished its work early.
The New York Times reported last year that top Bush aide Karl Rove recommended that Enron hire Reed. The move was seen as a way to keep Reed in Bush's camp while at the same time avoiding having the "

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Daily Times - Site Edition: "The Simpsons silenced by actors’ protest
The voices of Homer, Bart and the rest of The Simpsons gang have been silenced by a pay dispute by actors on the animated US hit television series, the entertainment press reported.

Production on the 16th season of the show, which has become a global cultural touchstone, has been delayed by the row. Actors who lend their voices to the animated characters stayed home from work. Industry bible Daily Variety reported that the cast has not shown up for rehearsals twice over the past few weeks after negotiations with the Fox television network to renew their lucrative contracts hit a road block. Each cast member wants around 360,000 dollars per episode, or eight million dollars for the 22-episode season. That is up from the 125,000 dollars per episode each they have earned for the past three years, Variety said. —AFP"

What the fuck? Please say this is a joke!!

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Europe's forgotten jewel

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Tribute to
For those who love to be horrified.

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